resocoat application

What is ResoCoat Pool Finish?


Engineered Polymeric Pool Coating

Traditional  pool plaster finishes have been around for  decades.  Over the years,  issues with pool plaster continue to increase  and create more serious  problems.  Common pool plaster issues like  roughness, cracking, various  staining, and extreme variations in color  can ruin your pool  experience. Our Resocoat Pool Finish is the next  generation of swimming  pool finishes and eliminates all of these  on-going issues. 

  • Adheres to pool plaster, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum
  • Available in standard and custom colors
  • Available in textured surface for high traffic areas
  • Only ONE coat is applied
  • Soft and smooth to the touch
  • Slip resistant
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • 10 year warranty
  • NSF/ANSI 50 Approved


•  Color Consistency: Color consistency in standard plaster finishes is a  chronic problem.  Each polymeric color is applied with the same  consistency, keeping color variations to a minimum.  As years progress,  the polymeric finish will not deteriorate or appear stained.

•  Water Filling: A new plaster finish  will start cracking if the  swimming pool is not filled with water  immediately.  Most homeowners  bring in over 20,000 gallons of water to  fill the pool and protect  their new plaster finish.  Our polymeric pool  finish cures in seconds,  and will eliminate the expense of large water  deliveries

•  Pool Start Up: Our polymeric pool  finish is extremely durable surface  that does not need any chemical  treatment to assist in the curing  process, making it safe to swim as  soon as the pool has been filled.

•  No Curing Process:  Curing time  for traditional plaster is  approximately 28 days after the swimming pool  has been filled.  In  order to avoid “cooking” the plaster and creating  blotchy stains, the  body of water should not be heated above 78 degrees  upon start-up.  A  new polymeric pool finish allows the pool to be  heated, pressure  cleaner installed, and salt additions the same day you  fill it.

•  Colors: Colored pool finishes are  typically more expensive to have  installed.  Multiple polymeric colors  are available at the same price  in either a smooth or textured finish.

• pH  Neutral:  Water chemistry is  the most important yet most overlooked  item when it comes to taking care  of a swimming pool.  Unbalanced  chemistry can destroy equipment parts  and the quality of your existing  plaster pool finish.  Our polymeric  pool finish is pH neutral, which  eliminates the constant fluctuation in  chemistry shown in plaster pool  finishes.   This saves money on  equipment repairs, and chemical usage.